Old Number 7

Blanco DH

Our original, breakthrough formula that entered the market in 2006. It features state of the art UV

stabilization additives and a light blue optical brightener. It accepts tints and pigments very well and is the first choice for laminations over dark colors or with carbon cloth.



Our revolutionary new formula for super, bright white laminations that was introduced in 2013. It combines the outstanding UV stability of Old #7 with our proprietary optical brightener that gives unmatched bright, white laminations. Using Blanco DH over black, dark blue, similar dark colors or carbon cloth may result in an undesirable change in the appearance of these dark colors. Evaluation on test specimens is recommended before use over dark colors or wood.




The newest member of our resin line-up. BCE resin utilizes renewable, bio-based carbon materials derived from waste streams of biodiesel, vegetable and nut oil processes to replace part of the normal, petroleum based raw materials. When properly mixed with any GRBC hardener, the final product has 19% bio-based carbon. It has been certified as a USDA bio-based product as well as a qualified material for the Sustainable Surf Ecoboard project . It matches the performance in terms of cosmetics, processing and physical properties of our other resins with an eco-friendly option. It is available with either Old #7 or Blanco optical brighteners.


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