Greenroom Boardco



Wilmington's Leading Board Factory

What We Offer:

  1. Handshaped custom surfboards in all sizes and shapes.
  1. Epoxy Resin
  1. EPS Marko foam blanks; sled cut.
  1. BGF Aerialite Cloth

For Wholesale order inquiries, including; Green Room Surfboards, Blanks, Cloth, Resin, Fin Boxes and more, contact us at , by phone or faxing at (910)-799-2772 .  Local pick up from our factory available.

Green Room Epoxy Resin System

From the trained lab rats at Eversoul Resin Industries comes a new micro-brewed epoxy resin system. Our chemically-engineered resin system has been developed to create maximum strength, minimum weight and minimum discoloration. Our in-house lab rat, Rob Whitehead has been working on our resin development and has produced a resin that has been designed to chemically bond to our cloth, creating an ultra-strong finished board. All of our surfboards are glassed with this chemically bonding resin and cloth epoxy system creating a state-of-the-art surfboard with better flex patterns, more strength and lighter weight than traditional PU/PE surfboards. Green Room Board Co. is proud to now offer Green Room Epoxy Resin wholesale.

Download Epoxy Resin Specs. and Info.

Please contact us for all pricing question:

West Coast, Jason Hendricks 760-586-1190
Japan & Asia, Dream Drive
East Coast & Texas, Green Room Board Co. (910)-799-2772